Introducing our Wall of Fame


Barnies for Life.

It’s more than just a saying, it’s a way of life around here at the Barn Theatre.

We have had the honor of working with apprentice actors just getting started in their careers, and watching them grow season after season. As our 73rd season approached Brendan Ragotzy, our producer and son of our founders, wanted to honor our past and present Barnies. The Wall of Fame was a perfect way to do just that.

The unveiling of our Wall of Fame welcomed 32 Famous Barnies. We invited all honorees to be special guests at our annual season kick-off Gala. They enjoyed a private unveiling and dinner together before the Gala. It was a wonderful time filled with stories of their time at the Barn.

2019 Inductees

Jack Ragotzy

Betty Ragotzy

Brendan Jack Ragotzy

Penelope Alex Ragotzy

Dusty Reeds

Wayne Lamb

John Newton

Alfred Hinckley

Edwina Lewis

Garrylee McCormick

Paxton Stratton

Art Crain

Grant Baxter

Ora Crofoot

Dana Delany

Louis Girard

Jimmy Knox

Robin Haynes

Joe Aiello

Adrienne Barbeau

Tom Wopat

Janette La Lanne

Scott Burkell

Angelo Mango

Becky Ann Baker

Howard McBride

Barbara Marineau

Lauren Graham

Marin Mazzie

Jonathan Larson

Robert Newman

Jennifer Garner

Eric Parker

More About Our Famous Barnies

If you want to learn more about some of our Famous Barnies, visit our web page here. And we often do updated articles about them on our website in our news section. Here are a few recent ones about Lauren Graham, Jonathan Larson and Kim Zimmer, just to name a few. Be sure to check back often for new stories!

We can’t wait to add to it year after year

Each year we plan to add 5 new Barnies to the Wall of Fame.

Come see it for yourself. And thank you to those smiling faces who surrounded us as we unveiled this newest addition to our campus. And thank you to Patton Monument for creating such a lasting piece for us. Barnies for Life!

Be A Part of The Barn Theatre School Tradition

You can be a part of the Tradition this and every season. See what’s on stage next, learn more about our Actors, Apprentices and of course our Famous Barnies. We can’t wait to share our stories and our performances with you.