We Put the Performance in Performance Arts


Rehearse, Perform, Design Sets, Costumes, Props. Repeat!

When it comes to performance arts, there are several layers to how and when that performance takes place and is brought to fruition. Luckily, our Barnies and their pure adoration for the world of theatre make it easy (ish). Not only are our actors learning their lines and rehearsing shows while performing others, not only are our behind-the-scenes crews working on several sets at once, not only is our costume designer working on more than one show’s costumes (this list could go on, and on, and on…), but our Barnies are dedicated to helping one another out! Our actors help build sets, our set builders help our actors run lines, the cycle never stops, and it’s truly amazing.

Two Shows Every Night, and Then Some.

  • We put on mainstage shows, move the party to the Rehearsal Shed afterwards, and do it all over again every Tuesday through Sunday.
  • We create drink specials for the Shed shows.
  • We put together Backstage Xperiences for 900 kids a year, and even a few fun ones for Adults!
  • This year, we had local restaurants and food providers prepare and cater dinners to be available before shows on select nights.
  • And, one of our favorite things… we bring past Barnies back to Augusta to help us out and star in our productions. The work at the Barn truly never ends. And, we are Barnies for Life!

Love It. Breathe It. Live It

To live in the world of live summer theatre, you have to live and breathe performing and playing your role. Our actors & staff have to be willing to take on more than one job at a time, understand that the breaks will be minimal, and they have to accept that sleep may be nonexistent. Part of theatre is taking on limitless responsibilities, but that’s also what brings our theatre family so close together.

When you take a step back and really consider all of the pieces and parts of the Barn Theatre, all of the people that volunteer their time, and all of the hard work that goes into preparing for and performing a show, it truly is incredible, and we do it for 6 shows every season! We even had the added special engagement with The Vegas Rat Pack this summer, so make that 7 shows in 2017!

You See Barnies. Everywhere!

You may notice that our actors, performers, and staff are also the ones who help park cars every night. They are waiting tables in the Rehearsal Shed before and after performances. They’re the ones you talk to and see in the Box Office when you order or pick up your tickets. They greet you in the Lobby, usher you to your seats, sell you refreshments during intermission.

And these are the things you see them doing. As you can imagine, working at the Barn Theatre is a labor of love for all who are involved. And, we are all very, very involved.

While Barnies know how difficult and strenuous the process of a season is here, each and every one of us live for these summer days. It’s what makes us get up in the morning, (or really, stay up until the early morning.)  It’s what makes us happy to be alive. It’s never just performance arts at the Barn; It Is Everything.

Relive the 71st Season with Us.

We invite you to get a taste of the 2017 season by checking out all of the stories and videos on our news section here. Meet the staff, our apprentice actors, our famous Barnies, and of course, Brendan and Penelope Ragotzy who keep the Barn Theatre’s traditions going year after year.

If you’d like, support our work in training apprentice actors by considering a donation. And, of course, check out our Christmas Cabaret which opens December 8, 2017.

Thank you for sharing in one of our best seasons yet. We look forward to performing many, many more for you and the generations to come!

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