Where Are The Barnies Now?


From New York to the Carribean, Southeast coast to Texas and Everywhere in Between

We know how easy it is to become attached to our amazing Barnies as you attend shows throughout the summer. To keep you up to date with what they’re doing now that the season is over, we put together a list of where all of our 2017 season Barnies are now. Read on to learn more about your favorites!

Jamey Grisham is now a Director on Celebrity Cruise Lines where rehearsals have officially begun!

Hans Friedrichs returned to NYC where he has lived for many, many years. He immediately had jury duty, but thankfully, it was short-lived.

Samantha Rickard returned to NYC after a bit of travelling.

Ben Greiner, our Sound Designer/Operator, returned to school at Rockford College in Illinois for his junior year.

Gabi Shook worked at Cedar Point performing in Halloweekends.

Carly Dieck also performed at Cedar Point’s Halloweekends.

Abbey Brooks plans to move to Chicago to pursue music and acting.

Samantha Rudy, our Properties Master, moved to Florida to begin work at Sarasota Opera on their props crew.

Evan Benjamin returned to the Hartt School for his sophomore year as a BFA Musical Theatre major.

Sam Silva, our Stage Manager, will soon begin audio/video build for the 2017-18 nonunion national tour of the Wizard of the Oz.

Dani Apple moved to NYC to begin auditioning.

Chase Gray moved to NYC to begin auditioning.

Kasady Kwiatkowska moved back to NYC and will be performing on the Polar Express Train Ride In New Jersey.

Rachel Mahar is continuing school at James Madison University in Virginia.

Jonnie Carpathios will soon be moving to NYC.

Audrey Morton begins her first year as a grad student at SCAD in Georgia.

Jabri Johnson begins his senior year at Bowling Green State University and has a full slate of directing and performing ahead of him.

Hannah Faith Stevens continues at Oakland University for her sophomore year in musical theatre. She will perform 2 mainstage shows.

Andrea Arvanigian returned to NYC to begin auditioning.

Quinn Moran continues his schooling at TCU as a musical theatre major.


Stay tuned to see who makes their way back to The Barn for our Christmas Cabaret show!