What is Backstage Xperience?

What is Backstage Xperience?

What is Backstage Xperience?

Quite simply, the Backstage Xperience is like nothing else, providing youth with a free educational opportunity to learn more about theatre and the work that goes into each of our productions. Students are able to learn about the technical work, see costumes, learn choreography, and see the details that go into the construction of sets with a guided tour from our actors. Additionally, students get to participate in a Q&A with the cast, getting to ask any questions they may have about the Barn and productions, after the show.

Throughout the Xperience, students will realize that we’ve got more toys and tools than Santa’s workshop! A group leader gives a general introduction to theatre and its role in the community and then the tour begins. With a brief history of the Barn, our alumni, and our daily schedule, the kids jump right into all the details and work that goes into a summer at the Barn.

Staying true to our mission in educating and training the stars of tomorrow, this is very much part of our School. The kids get to see everything from the scene shop to the stage and sound booth, and enjoy a trip around the costume shop. They also get to enjoy a meal in the Rehearsal Shed that includes a sandwich, chips, drink, and fruit, just like our staff does before a performance.

At 7:30pm, the students find their seats in the theatre, at 8:00pm, the show begins, and the night ends with a Q&A with the actors from the night’s performance. We wrap up the experience by touching on the demonstrations given by staff members regarding the show and talking about the show.

Focusing on Sharing Live Theatre with Students

And the best part, is that the Backstage Xperience is FREE. Just form your group of four youth per every one chaperone and don’t miss this amazingly fun time at the Barn! This is something you don’t want to miss, if you have a child interested in any aspect of performing arts – or want to show them what a live show is really like.

When Does Backstage Xperience Take Place?

The Backstage Xperience is available on select dates throughout each season, with our Family friendly shows. We do announce this on our website, via email and our Facebook page. So if you’d like to get advance notice of these opportunities, join our email list now!

Help Us Continue This Program. Support the Barn Theatre

And, as you can imagine, this program is a labor of love for us. If you’d like to support our work and continue to get local kids involved in all aspects of performing arts, please consider a donation to the Barn Theatre School. These funds help us share the experience with 100 children each night. Your support is vital to continuing to provide this chance to educate more students about the theatre!

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