Growing Up in a Theatre Family


Growing Up in a Theatre Family

When you spend all of your time at the theatre, it’s easy to become a part of it; intertwined with each and every aspect of what the world of theatre involves. That’s certainly what the Ragotzy family can say about the Barn Theatre, currently its second generation owners.

Immersed in the magic and hard work from the beginning, Brendan Ragotzy’s future with the Barn was set in stone, and it seems his family’s is too. From his wife, Penelope Alex, to their children, Luke, Calli, Jacob, and Melina, you’ll often see them all running around the Barn, dedicated to the family business.

There’s something special about growing up in a family that has roots almost dug into the grounds of the Barn. It’s hard to separate from it, and to be honest, the Ragotzys wouldn’t want to.

Brendan literally grew up in the business, making his debut in 1966’s OLIVER! at just 3 years old. Throughout the years, he continued as everything from a stagehand to a spot operator and now, he’s the Barn’s producer and director.

Joe Stockdale discusses the plans Betty had for the theatre in Man in the Spangled Pants. “Having been carried on stage before his first birthday, Brendan had been a ‘special assistant’ at the theatre in ’73, had stage managed since ’86 and was now ready to direct his first show. ‘I hope,’ Betty said, ‘the Barn is one of their long-term goals.’” That it was.

Brendan and Penelope have carried the Barn on and into the future in astounding ways, putting Augusta on the map and supporting the stars of tomorrow, today, every day. Their children are in productions at the Barn and offer a hand in several different jobs each week, supporting their parents and the legacy of the Barn. Their eldest son, Luke, is one of the newest Equity members at the Barn and is working closely with his parents learning all aspects of management.

The Ragotzy family’s dedication to the Barn Theatre is easy to see, but it’s with your help that they can continue to carry on the rich tradition of Ragotzys before. If you’d like to support the Barn, we encourage you to make a donation to assist in the training of current and future apprentices. Find all information here.

We’ll see you at the Barn!