A Day in the Life at the Barn Theatre


A Day in the Life at the Barn Theatre

The Barn is a professional Equity Theatre, so our apprentice actors and our dedicated staff are the ones responsible for all operations of the theatre, in addition to learning their roles for all of our shows.

If we’re not on stage for the current show, then we’re rehearsing for the next one coming up and the nightly Cabaret Show in the Rehearsal Shed. We rehearse A LOT, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

On a typical day, our staff is also working on sets for the next performance, while maintaining the current performance set and props, not to mention washing costumes and repairing them after each show. It’s hot on that stage!

You’ve probably also seen our cast and crew assisting with parking for our patrons, running the box office, and serving drinks and food in the Rehearsal Shed.

This summer stock theatre has our team working pretty much all day, every day from mid-May til September.

But don’t you have Mondays off?

While we don’t have performances on Monday nights, we still rehearse every other Monday night for the next show. We try to give everyone every other Monday for R&R too. Michigan summers are glorious and must be enjoyed as much as possible!

If we’ve had a final performance on a Sunday night followed by the Bar Show, our cast and crew will be tearing down the current stage set up and moving in for the next performance because Monday means a full dress rehearsal. We have to get those great pics to share with you somehow, right?!

Performing arts, especially for apprentice actors at our theatre is a full-contact sport, and we adore each and every one of them for all of the different hats they wear, roles they play, and plates they can spin in the air at one time.

We all love making new friends with our patrons each and every summer, so stop on out to see us soon and catch us while you can!