Positions for EMC (Equity Membership Candidates) / non-union have been filled.

If you are interested in being considered for our 2018 season, please read on. The following is designed to give you an overview of the program we offer here at the Barn Theatre. If, after reading the following you are genuinely interested in being considered for an apprenticeship, please contact us by filling the form or clicking on the email link at the bottom. You will then be sent all appropriate application materials.

We do not hold auditions here at the Barn Theatre.

We attended the N.C.R.A.’s (North Central Regional Auditions) held in January 2018. Website www.ohiotheatrealliance.org.

If we are not able to meet “in person” at a Regional audition, we can handle the whole process through the mail. All you would need extra is a videotape/regular DVD/youtube link of some of your work or (preferably) an “audition”. The audition should consist of two songs: uptempo and ballad, a monologue (1 minute is fine), and anything else you feel would help us get to know your talent.

To give you a little information about the Barn Theatre and its apprentice program: The Barn has been under the same family management for 70 years. Our theatre is active roughly from Memorial Day to Labor day. There are usually 7 mainstage shows. Each runs two weeks. Our schedule consists usually of 2 plays and 4-5 major musicals — the latest releases from Broadway. Each show runs two weeks unless extended by popular demand. We area union theatre — our Equity members come from working actors on Broadway and Hollywood.

Apprentices make up a very important part of the Barn. The apprentices become an integral part of the company performing in main stage shows, not student shows. Apprentices can and do get lead roles working opposite Equity members. Our apprentices get an all around theatre experience — having duties backstage/technically as well as performing. There is also a nightly cabaret show that changes with each main stage show and showcases the apprentice company. Much of the time an apprentice will be in the main stage show as well as the cabaret show called “The Bar Show”. This is a wonderful forum in which to learn, as cabaret performing requires a different style than performing on a proscenium stage. The performance apprentice becomes an Equity Membership Candidate and, if not already an E.M.C., starts accruing weeks toward his or her Equity card.

Our schedule is one that will test a person in all areas. The days are long and the rehearsal process only two weeks. One is asked to digest a lot of material in a short amount of time as well as perform back stage duties as well. When one goes through our program they can handle anything in this business. Our feeling is we are only able to consider those who have completed at least one year of college, are majoring in theatre and seriously considering a career in theatre or film.

Housing is located for everyone but rent is the apprentices’ responsibility. Rent is usually about $75 weekly. Each apprentice is given a scholarship from The Barn Theatre School for Advanced Theatre Training of $175 weekly to offset living expenses.

I hope that answers a few of the questions you may have regarding the Barn Theatre and our apprentice program.

Please email me back should you have any questions or are interested in receiving an application!

Have a great day and thank you again for your interest!

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